Blink Book Review #4: Going There by Katie Couric

Katie Couric’s memoir, “Going There,” gives readers a delightful and amazingly honest narrative about not only her personal life but also many of the national and international news stories from the 1990s on. And while that perspective was really fun for a news nerd like me to follow, the best part of this book wasContinue reading “Blink Book Review #4: Going There by Katie Couric”

Blink Book Review #3: “Educated”

When “Educated” first came out in 2018, I remember seeing the book in the “new non-fiction” section of Litchfield Books. My first reaction was that it was shelved in the wrong area. The jacket description read like fiction. At the time, I passed over this seemingly depressing memoir of a turbulent and disturbing childhood in a survivalistContinue reading “Blink Book Review #3: “Educated””

Blink Book Review #2: South of Heaven by Patti Frye Meredith

Disclaimer on this one: I was very pre-disposed to like this book because a friend wrote it. I first met the author, Patti Meredith, 25-ish years ago when we worked at SCETV. I remember having lunch together early on when she came to work there, and she told me she had a novel in her.Continue reading “Blink Book Review #2: South of Heaven by Patti Frye Meredith”

Blink Book Review #1 – “Only Wanna Be With You”

When I first started “Only Wanna Be With You,” I anticipated a bit of a tell-all rag. The author is Tim Sommer, a music journalist and record executive who was part of the Hootie and the Blowfish inner circle for many years. And isn’t it the job description of a former insider to write a book thatContinue reading “Blink Book Review #1 – “Only Wanna Be With You””