The virtual shingle is out

I’ve done something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. Following two years of increasing freelance work after 35+ years in the communications field, I’ve launched the Medway Group, a consulting business that lets me focus on what I love most – using the right words to connect the dots between people and ideas.

The Medway Group will be emphasizing strategic communications planning and project management, advocacy outreach, writing/editing and media training.

After retiring from the Municipal Association in 2019, I took some much-needed time to reflect on what I wanted to do next. I took on a few writing and one-off consulting gigs. Turns out, I liked working from my sunny home office. Flossie, my four-legged assistant, liked having her person around for quick walks. That all worked perfectly for a while to let me refocus after many years of fast-paced traditional work environments.

Then COVID hit. As we all worked through through the first “WFH” months, I started getting calls about helping with short-term projects – an academic editing project, media outreach, news releases, a PR plan, advocacy planning. Pre-COVID, these organizations might have wanted a “butt-in-seat” person. But the new WFH mentality gave remote work new credibility and allowed people like me to fit seamlessly into previously “office-only” teams.

As these opportunities continued to pop up, my dream of formalizing this work continued to take shape. This really wasn’t a new idea. Over the years, I had batted around this dream with several friends who have complementary professional strengths. We imagined one day hanging out a shingle to collectively market our various experiences, expertise and networks.

Today that virtual shingle is out. The Medway Group is officially launched. It’s been a long time coming to decide when the idea was “perfectly-enough” baked to introduce to the world. But a very wise person recently reminded me that if I wait for perfect – the perfect timing, the perfect website, the perfect client mix, the perfect combination of services – I’ll never get past the planning.

Another wise friend told me this years ago about his business: “My services aren’t for everyone.” And that’s definitely the case here. I’m clear on my expertise (check out this page on the website for details) and know my strengths. I will be adding colleagues and formalizing relationships with several professionals who can bring in skills to complement mine and expand my networks.

But in the meantime, I’m working on some interesting projects like producing a video/podcast, helping one organization plan for a new communications department and another build a long-range communications strategy. I’m doing several types of writing and editing work while working with yet another client to navigate a legislative issue.

For now, stay tuned for what’s next by following The Medway Group on Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s more to come down the road!

Published by Reba Campbell

Reba Hull Campbell established the Medway Group in 2020, bringing more than 35 years of professional success in politics, government relations, organizational leadership, fundraising and communications to her clients and her teaching.

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