Blink Book Review: “Life in Five Senses” by Gretchen Rubin

Is there anything that we take for granted more than the power of our five senses? Gretchen Rubin’s new book, “Life in Five Senses, How Exploring the Senses Got Me Out of My Head and Into the World,” stunned me out of complacency. It reminded me about the riches we overlook daily because we failContinue reading “Blink Book Review: “Life in Five Senses” by Gretchen Rubin”

From diploma to today: 20 lessons shared

USC’s graduation this weekend makes me realize it’s been 40 years since my graduation with the best speaker possible for a journalism school grad – Walter Cronkite! Several days after graduation, I packed my car heading to DC to start my first job as a Congressional receptionist. In looking back, I tried to remember ifContinue reading “From diploma to today: 20 lessons shared”

Where’s the Objectivity? A panel discussion

A lively crowd of more than 70 gathered on April 25 at Still Hopes Retirement Community for a panel discussion featuring three local media professionals discussing the topic of “Where’s the Objectivity” in news gathering and dissemination in today’s world. Harry Logan, former managing editor for the Florence Morning News and The State; Jay Bender,Continue reading “Where’s the Objectivity? A panel discussion”

Blink Book Review: “It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs” by Mary Louise Kelly

The books I enjoy the most typically sit unfinished with one chapter to go. They deliciously hang out in my reading stack or on my audio book list the same way the last bite of my favorite chocolate cookie sits wrapped up on the counter. I savor the thought of it. I visit it occasionally.Continue reading “Blink Book Review: “It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs” by Mary Louise Kelly”

Behind the media scenes at the trial of the century

Huge shout-out to the leadership of SCPRSA for their wildly successful professional development conference on April 19! It was my first time being back among a large group of communications professionals since COVID started. I sure have missed my professional networks! I had the pleasure of facilitating a panel with City of Walterboro, SC officialsContinue reading “Behind the media scenes at the trial of the century”

Blink Book Review: “Women Holding Things”

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. That’s one of the many reasons I walked out of Square Books in Oxford, MS, recently with writer and illustrator Maira Kalman’s newest book,“Women Holding Things.” I knew her of art only because one of her paintings depicting a soulful basset hound graced the cover of Strunk andContinue reading “Blink Book Review: “Women Holding Things””

The magic and mess of a blank page

I started the year trying to resume the discipline of keeping a handwritten journal. This process of deliberately writing by hand has reminded me how it so often results in a flow that’s very different from writing using a keyboard. This got me to thinking about a poem I’d written several years ago about writingContinue reading “The magic and mess of a blank page”

Seeking practice over perfect

“Practice makes perfect.” Surely a mantra we all heard as children…whether it was in sports, spelling, music or math. This was a standard line repeated by grown-ups who were just trying to help us learn. Practice is a good thing…right? But perfect? Rarely possible. Over the years, I’ve come to understand perfection is a falseContinue reading “Seeking practice over perfect”

Tips for working with content expert writers

Comms professionals often depend on content experts to write about technical or complex topics for general audience newsletters, websites or social posts. But when content experts write about topics they know best, the document they produce might include industry lingo, technical language or assumptions about what a reader already knows. This is where the editorContinue reading “Tips for working with content expert writers”

Lobbying + Communications Teams = Heavenly Match or Rocky Marriage?

In theory, an organization’s lobbying activities should be closely aligned with its communications strategies. After all, the success of lobbying and grassroots advocacy efforts hinges on good communication of a well-articulated and targeted message to influence policy decisions at the local, state or federal level. In practice, however, organizations sometimes find that turf battles andContinue reading “Lobbying + Communications Teams = Heavenly Match or Rocky Marriage?”